Gopher Field
CHOP Completes First Property Acquisition

Community Homes of Patagonia (CHOP) has just purchased .6 acres of land on the corner of 3rd and Pennsylvania Avenues in Patagonia. The property is called Gopher Field and is the va-
cant land located next to the Catholic Church and the senior housing apartments. It is also the former home of the Patagonia Yankees, a Little League team coached by St Therese’s beloved Father Titzler in the 1950s and 60s.

Gopher Field was purchased from the Lenon Family for $27,500. It was a bargain sale, as the land recently was appraised at $115,000. The Lenon’s generosity allowed CHOP to purchase the land outright using $12,500 from their capital reserves and raising an additional $15,000 through a brief capital campaign during the last quarter of 2014. Bob Lenon, representing the family, wanted to support the creation of more affordable housing in Patagonia. The only condition on the sale is placement of a small memorial to Father Titzler for his contributions to the Patagonia community. Due to CHOP’s 501c3 nonprofit status, the family is able to realize the tax-deductible benefit of the sale.

CHOP hopes to develop 4-8 homes on the site to sell to low and moderate income buyers. These homes will be designed to attract people who have grown up in Patagonia and want to stay here, as well as our local teachers, policeman, and others who now cannot afford to live where they work. Tod Bowden, a founder and current board member of CHOP, is excited that the nonprofit organization has finally acquired its first property for permanently affordable housing using the Community Land Trust model. The land itself will be held in trust by CHOP and leased to new homeowners. The new homeowners will own their own homes and hold the long term lease of the land under them. CHOP will also seek other public and private funds to further reduce the sale price of the homes to qualified low and moderate income buyers. Those buyers will hold a mortgage with participating lenders.



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Thank you!!!