Home Repair Program
Community Homes of Patagonia (CHOP)’s Home Repair Program targets at least four projects per year. The purpose of the program is to assist low-income resident homeowners who cannot afford to make needed repairs that pose a risk to their health and safety. Funding is provided by grants and donations.

To be eligible for consideration homeowners must meet the following requirements:

  • Low-Income – as defined by the Arizona Department of Revenue, “Low income residents are persons whose household income is less than one hundred fifty percent of the federal poverty level.” Documentation of annual household income is necessary (e.g. copy of IRS tax forms, employment wage statements, etc.)
  • Resident Homeowner – must own and be a permanent resident of the home. Documentation of ownership (e.g. title, deed, etc.) is necessary.
  • Labor – must provide a portion of the labor for the project. Household members themselves, and/or family and friends may fulfill this requirement.
  • Application – must complete CHOP’s Home Repair Application.