Benefits of Home Ownership


  •     Permanent access to land
  •     Ownership of home
  •     Peace of mind


  •     Fair return on initial value of home
  •     Fair return on improvement
  •     Value preserved with maintenance & repairs

Future Affordability:

  •     Benefits available to future home owners
  •     Resale price remains affordable to people in the community
  •     Chance to give same opportunity to people in the community

On-Going Support:

  •     Homeownership education
  •     Credit & mortgage finance counseling
  •     Basic home repair classes
  •     Revolving loan fund
  •     Advocate for successful ownership

Benefits to Community

  •     Workers & service providers remain in the community
  •     Land and resources managed by local decision-making
  •     Diversity of Housing Opportunities
  •     Cultural, age, & economic diversity maintained
  •     Open-membership organization
  •     Full time residency benefits local government
  •     Values of land and resources remain in the community
  •     Non-profit status provides tax deductions for donors