Community Homes of Patagonia can’t thank you enough for your continued support, encouragement, and financial donations to help your local nonprofit, CHOP, fulfill its mission of providing quality, affordable housing opportunities for low-to-moderate income people of Patagonia. You get it! Affordable housing in Patagonia must be addressed and we are addressing it.

Last year, we shared the goals listed below and continue to actively work towards completing them:

  • Hire a qualified staff person.
    Elvia Gallaher was hired in late July as CHOP’s first part-time program/office manager. She helps organize and implement the Homebuyer’s Classes, oversees the home repair projects, performs American Rescue Plan Act grant requirements and reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Recruit additional directors, members, and volunteers.
    Tess Hoke joined the CHOP Board of Directors in August. Tess’s background as an independent business owner, her interest in helping small communities thrive and passion for the uniqueness of this town by finding affordable housing opportunities for our working class, makes her a perfect addition to the Board.
  • Develop a financial/homebuyer education class for eligible affordable housing clients and community members.
    CHOP offered a series of workshops this fall, facilitated by the Pima County Community Land Trust, that resulted in two local ladies earning their HUD-approved Homebuyer Certificate. The participants get a housing counselor and the HUD certificate most lenders require for down payment and/or closing costs.
  • Build the organizational capacity, partnerships, and funding resources to develop Gopher Field.
    CHOP’s Gopher Field property is where we fell short. Gopher Field continues to need more time, information gathering, resources, and finances.

CHOP recognizes that you have many choices in this town to help financially, and we can’t wait to involve you in our mission.

You can help make a difference in opening the door for low-to-moderate income homebuyers. Consider which option works best for you and let us know if you would like to speak with one of our board directors.

Recurring Monthly Gift: Making a recurring monthly contribution is a wonderful way to provide sustaining support to CHOP. This allows CHOP to maintain a part-time staff member on the CHOP team.

Founders Gift: A pledge to contribute $1,000 or more will simultaneously fund the home repair program and homebuyer program as we work towards completing the Gopher Field dream.

Legacy Gift: Your support as a Legacy Donor will make Phase 1 on Gopher Field possible and your generosity will be felt forever.

Multi-Year, Major Gift: Investing in CHOP and making a multi-year, Major Gift will be transformative and help build six moderately sized affordable homes on the site. These homes will be designed to attract people who have grown-up or live in Patagonia, local teachers, town employees, and other members of the local workforce who cannot afford to live where they work.

Your support and contributions of any size are always appreciated and helpful in fulfilling our mission.


Tod C. Bowden                    Janie Trafton                        Ken Morrow                          Amanda Montañez                              Tess Hoke

CHOP’s Wish List for 2023

Signage & Fencing for Gopher Field – $1,250
Wood Storage Shed – $4,500
Site Plan – $20,000
Part-Time Program Manager – $25,000
Part-Time Gopher Field Project Manager – $25,000